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Decide on Daycare's goal is to help parents with advice about how to find the best daycare for their children. We answer the child care questions that parents don't even know they have. For answers to all of your daycare questions turn to Decide on Daycare! #DecideOnDaycare

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Is Your Daycare’s Car Designed for Car Seats?

Baby at Daycare in Car SeatA new article by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was recently published going into detail about the safety of 2011 vehicles in regards to the LATCH system for child car seat restraints. The results were surprising, and a little disappointing. Even though the standards for child restraint safety have been in place for some time it is amazing the amount of modern day vehicles that do not seem to have child safety and car seat installation in mind.

As . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Is Your Daycare’s Car Designed for Car Seats?

Daycare Costs – Is Working Worth It?

kid_blocksDaycare is a hard parenting decision. It can be difficult to decide if you want to send your children to daycare or if you should stay home with them. It’s worth it to look into the real cost of working. It might sound strange, but working costs money, and it costs more money when both parents work. The cost of working can outweigh the benefit of staying home with your child through those few short, formative years.

There are a great many arguments to be had debating both sides of the issue . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Daycare Costs – Is Working Worth It?

Daycare Research Spreadsheet


When I first tried to find daycare for my children, I realized how difficult it was to keep track of my findings about each of the daycare providers, and it wasn’t easy to compare the different providers.

I learned so much information as I interviewed them over the phone. There were many questions I asked the daycare providers as I interviewed them on the phone: Does that daycare have a preschool curriculum? Did that daycare have any pets? What was the childcare provider’s discipline style? Were there any smokers in . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Daycare Research Spreadsheet

Daycare Features at a Glance

daycare_kid_mousingMaking the decision between a day care center, at-home daycare, and a nanny is difficult work. This chart shows some of the main features of different types of childcare. If you would like further information regarding specific items, please check the articles under Types of Daycare.

Child care Features Daycare Center In-Home Daycare Nanny Government regulations Yes Yes No One-on-one attention No No Yes Chance to interact with children of own age Yes Yes No Multiple teachers Yes No No . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Daycare Features at a Glance

How to Decide on a Daycare Center

daycare_crayonsWhen it comes to picking the right daycare center, it’s important to keep all your top priorities in mind. Most of the daycare centers in your area are going to be regulated by state laws and inspected by the same inspectors, so the basics of how they operate will be the same. However, each individual daycare center can still vary widely depending on what they offer. So make sure to look into all of the various programs and activities your child will be involved in.

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Deciding on a Nanny

daycare_shadowBe sure to do a thorough job checking the nanny’s background and references. Make sure you and the nanny are clear regarding expectations of discipline, childcare style, pay, and benefits. If your children are old enough to have a say, be sure to get their opinion on the candidate.

You’ll need to draft a work agreement. The agreement should be specific and include the following:

Compensation When performance reviews will be held When raises or cost of living increases will be administered How taxes will be handled Holidays, vacation, and sick days . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Deciding on a Nanny

What to Look For in an In-Home Daycare

kid_blocksYou may not even realize what questions you’ll have when you set out to get daycare for your child. An experienced in-home daycare provider will be able to give the basic information that every parent needs. The first question to ask is if they have any openings for your child’s age. Even though they may be listed on a website or have been recommended by someone, there’s no guarantee the provider has an opening. Just getting through this part may take awhile, but . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: What to Look For in an In-Home Daycare

Finding Quality Daycare is Possible!

daycare_teetertotterOur daycare search was so extensive my husband built a spreadsheet for information regarding who had a spot for our child, how much they charged, their hours, and if they had preschool activities. After visiting or talking to someone, we filled out the “comments” section. This became full of comments such as “5 dogs-very noisy and smelly”; “lit candle within reach of children”; “seems nice, mentions Jesus A LOT”.

Before finding our very close to perfect provider, we had some interesting daycare interviews. One caregiver . . . → Continue Reading This Day Care Article: Finding Quality Daycare is Possible!