Daycare Parent Tools

daycare-kids-in-playgroundAt we want to make finding the right daycare as easy as possible for you. With all of the options and choices out there, this can be difficult. Here we will list some of our best parenting and daycare decision tools for easy reference for you. As time passes, we hope to collect and build a parenting toolbox for you to make choosing and working with daycare providers as easy as possible.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to work on or provide for you to make your parenting decisions about daycare easier.

Parenting Tools for Daycare

Daycare Cost Calculator

This excel spreadsheet is meant to be used to calculate the costs of working and daycare. This sheet breaks down the different costs associated with having your children in daycare and the costs associated with working. Combining these two things can give parents a good idea of where they truly sit financially with daycare. This is intended to give parents a better understanding of how working and daycare affect them fiscally. This can also open avenues to clearing up and streamlining cumbersome family budgets. The spreadsheet automatically calculates your weekly expenses as well as shows projections of these expenses for a month and a year.

For a detailed explanation of the daycare calculator and the reasons behind it visit the article: Daycare Costs – Is Working Worth It?

Daycare Features at a Glance

Here is a quick table Decide on Daycare put together to help parents decide which daycare meets both the parents and the childs needs. This is not an all inclusive list but this list should be the parenting advise you need to find the right kind of daycare for you. This will help parents get started in the right direction, whether that is a childcare center, preschool, in home daycare, nanny of babysitter.

Daycare Locator

At, we want to give you the parenting information you need to make the search for the perfect child care provider as easy as possible. Here’s a good place to begin the search.

Daycare Research Spreadsheet

Decide on Daycare created a spreadsheet to track all the information collected during the phone interviews. This is a great tool You can look at different daycare providers at a glance and see which ones fit your needs better. Using the spreadsheet, you can sort, list and order those to help narrow down your daycare provider choices.

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