Seven Steps to a Successful Daycare Experience

daycare_playgroundThe main focus of this site is to help you avoid some of the mistakes parents make when trying to find daycare for their child.

This can be a daunting process for new parents as well as experienced parents alike. Our hope is to help you tackle this problem one step at a time.  With the ultimate goal of giving you the knowledge, tools and foresight to make the right decisions, leading to quality, educational and rewarding day care for your child.

Here are seven steps to success to help you find the daycare that fits your needs.  We hope that your chances of finding the right day care provider will be much improved.  When you do find the perfect situation to fit you and your child’s needs, it is incredibly rewarding. It is great to know your child is happy, you are happy, and most importantly they will be taken care of during these important years.

Step One: Determine Your Needs for Daycare

Determining which kind of childcare will suit your family’s needs is the first step.

Step Two: Finding the Right Childcare Provider

How do you find a good daycare center, private provider, or nanny? How much are you willing to pay and what are your criteria?

Step Three: Interviewing your Potential Daycare Providers

We’ll help guide you in this difficult step.

Step Four: Decide on Daycare

Now you have interviewed potential daycare providers and need to determine which one best suits your needs.

Step Five: First Week at Daycare

Once you’re ready to start with your new daycare provider, it is time to try it on for size.

Step Six: In Daycare

Unfortunately, you are not done once your child has care. You’ll have other situations to face while your child is in care.

Step Seven: Leaving Daycare

Whether your child is entering school, your situation has changed, or you need to find a new daycare provider, it is very important to make sure you leave on a good note.

Here at, we hope that our steps will result in finding that quality daycare you seek for your child.  daycare_chumsThis is an incredibly important decision which can have a great impact on your life, and the life of your child. Thank you for turning to!

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