Step Five: The First Week of Daycare

daycare_art_classOnce you’re ready to begin with your new day care provider, it is incredibly important to make that first week the best it possibly can be.  The child will need some transitioning and you want to begin your new relationship with a day care provider right.

What needs to be done during this first week will be vastly different depending on the type of daycare you have chosen.  Look for the articles on for specifics on each type of child care focused on in this website.

The very best thing to do is show your children how excited you are about the new day care, and tell them how much fun they will have. Take your cues from both your child and your provider…many newly enrolled parents have had to walk out on a crying child, only to learn later their child quickly settled down and explored her new surroundings as soon as Mom or Dad were out of sight. For information regarding this transition, check the posts.

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