Step Four: Decide on Daycare

daycare_drawing_classAt this point, you’ve hopefully interviewed some different daycare providers, and hopefully found some that met or exceeded your expectations for your child.  It’s decision time! You should be well underway to making the right choice for you and your child.

It’s important to take a cold, hard look at which daycare providers met or exceeded your expectations.  Your highest needs should weigh heavily on your decision but make sure to consider the items lower on your list. If something about an otherwise terrific provider is bothering you, we urge you to look into it now. Ask about it; investigate it, whatever needs to be done. Don’t assume you are being picky or silly. This is your child, after all.

Once your decision is made, you’ll need to contact that daycare provider and let them know that you’d like to enroll your child there.  You may need to have a second meeting at this point to obtain the enrollment paperwork and speak to them more specifically about the details.

Don’t forget to contact those you interviewed with but didn’t choose to inform them you decided to go with somebody else.  They need to know that your child will not be taking that opening, so they can make it available for someone else. Make sure to be polite and friendly. They may ask why you decided to go with the other provider. If you’re comfortable with telling them, let them know.  This can help inform them what they may be able to do to increase the quality of their own daycare.

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