Step Seven: Leaving Daycare

daycare-toyWhether your child is entering school, your situation has changed, or there is some other reason you need to find a new daycare provider, it is very important to make sure you leave on a good note.  The relationship should remain a professional relationship to the very end.

By staying professional, the provider can help you out with suggestions or referrals to your next step in caring for your child.  Most daycare providers’ contracts specify the amount of time that you’ll need to notify them of the termination.  This is usually anywhere between two and four weeks’ notice. You’ll be responsible for paying the entire time even if you pull your child out immediately.

Many daycare providers know each other, belong to associations and work together on various levels.  If you break contracts, pull your child out without notice, or are openly hostile and unprofessional, this will get around to other daycare providers in the area.  You definitely don’t want to sabotage your ability to find quality local daycare providers. And if you leave your current provider on a pleasant note, you may be able to come back when your situation changes, or enlist her help finding another provider in the future.

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We hope here at that these seven steps to success have helped you to find the right daycare for all your needs. Make sure to tell other parents about Decide on Daycare so they too can get the help needed to find the best daycare for their children.

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