Step Six: In Daycare

daycare_readingSome parents think the road to rewarding daycare ends once you have decided and your child is attending daycare.  This is definitely is not the case.  During your tenure with this daycare provider, you still have to work to make sure that the relationship is good and your child is happy and learning.

It’s important to keep an eye on how things are going, how your child is adjusting, and to know your relationship with the daycare provider is growing.  Keep an eye out for signs of trouble and make sure to ask your child and provider about details of the day.

By keeping up to date and involved in the continuing care of your child, you assure the quality and consistency of the daycare. Because we’re dealing with humans at all stages of life, it’s important to see how things are changing, from the provider’s perspective as well as your child’s. As this growth continues, it’s possible that what you thought was very important is actually something that is negotiable, and the things you thought you could deal with are actual less negotiable. All things change over time, so make sure you apprised of those changes.

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