Step Three: Interviewing Potential Daycare Providers

daycare_tire_swingInterviewing potential daycare providers is probably the most intimidating step. Take time and have patience. It’s important that your day care provider gives your child what he or she needs, and that your values, child rearing philosophy, and disciple style align. Of course, you and your child need to like the provider!

We highly recommend interviewing at least three of your top choices.  This is especially important if this is your first child in day care.  There are vast differences in day care providers, public childcare centers, and nannies.  Public childcare centers tend to be the most consistent with each other since they are highly regulate,  but they still hold great differences between each other, and paying more tuition doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best center for your child. Interviewing many different in-home day care providers is very important, so you can get an idea of what to expect and what things are unique to that provider. When it is your first time, it helps to learn what you yourself will not tolerate.

At these interviews make sure to take notes, get a copy of their handbook or other information, and be sure to go over the things you have listed from step one.  During the visit you might think you’ll remember what you saw or what they said but after several interviews it’s easy to get the places and people confused with each other.  The small things that you may have forgotten to write down can make a big difference in your final choice.

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