Cooling Down After Fun In The Sun

daycare_readingWe’ve had a fun time so far, learning about how to teach children good health habits for playing outside. We have also taken these good health habits and demonstrated ourselves that even though we are parents and daycare providers we are not above or outside of the rules of good habits when playing in the sun. As much fun as it is playing outside it can be very harmful to anyone who doesn’t practice these. This is very important to know and to learn and if you can imbue these good habits in your children then you have given them a valuable life lesson indeed.

Coming in out of the Sun

First and foremost you should praise and thank every single child for their own healthy outdoor habits. Make sure they know how proud you are of them for keeping their sunglasses and hats on. Tell them it was great that they all listened when it was time for a drinking break. Perhaps you can reward them and their great healthy habits by allowing them to play longer outside next time.

As they come in make sure that the children all put their hats and glasses where they belong. If children just toss them any old place, they are sure to get lost or broken. Talk to the children about putting their hats and sunglasses away in the right cubby or place, so that they will have more time playing outside if they don’t have to search around and look for any missing items .

Cool Them Down

Alphabet Bingo Game
Playing games can keep the kids resting and entertained.

Once their outside gear is stowed away, you may want to get a cool, wet washcloth and wipe down the children. Wipe where you put sunscreen on them with the cool washcloth. This not only can clean off the sunscreen they no longer need but will also get some of the dirt and grime off they were sure to get while playing outside. And the third and best reason for this is that it is cool and refreshing and will help the child cool down.

After the children have come in from playing outside, this is a time you want to have them sit for a while quietly. This is an excellent time to work on a craft or to read them a story. This will help them to stay still and calm down after their time in the sun.

Go around and refill their cups with water and make sure they all drink the water. It is easy for them to forget about their water if they are doing a craft or in the middle of a story so make sure to prompt them during this quiet time.

Check for Signs of Heat Exhaustion

While the children are calmed down and resting, make sure you check each of them, looking for signs of heat exposure. Did they all get their color back? Have the children all calmed down and are breathing normally? Is there any child that is still sweating? Are any of them shivering and pale? If you find any signs of heat exposure and the signs do not fade quickly in the cool indoors, you should seek out medical attention for the child. Heat exposure can lead to heat stroke, causing severe problems such as brain damage and even death. Do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention if this is the case.

Fun in the Sun

If you and your daycare follow these steps, you and your child can have a safe and healthy time outside. You will also be demonstrating how important it is to be safe in the sun. Parents and daycare providers help teach healthy life habits that will stay with the children their whole lives. These simple steps, when taken each time you head outdoors, will help you, and your children lead healthy lives. These lessons should be reflected in your daycare provider’s care of the children. There is no reason we can’t enjoy the great weather, we just need to make sure we do it right.

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