Step One: Determine Your Needs for Daycare


Examining your family’s unique situation and determining which day care type you need is one of the most critical steps. It may sound tedious, but it really helps to sit down and write a list of what your family’s needs are, and what you want and don’t want in your child care. It’s important to make sure you and your family’s expectations are clear.

  • Do you want private day care, a child care center or a private nanny?
  • Does your family’s schedule or needs make one of these options better than the others?
  • Would you or your spouse be able to adjust your schedule to better fit the option you want?
  • What is your budget for day care?
  • Are you eligible for financial programs to help with the cost of child care?
  • Will you only need childcare temporarily?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself. Your answers to these questions will help you start determining your needs for daycare.

Step Two: Finding the Right Daycare Provider >>

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