Step Two: Finding the Right Daycare Provider

daycare_gamesWhen you know which type of day care will best fit your family’s needs, it’s time to find the right childcare provider.

We would strongly suggest writing down your criteria either on paper or in a spreadsheet and then record your findings while investigating daycare for your child.  The type of child care you have chosen will determine how you proceed. No matter what kind of daycare you choose, make sure that your highest priority needs are at the top of your question list.  This is to ensure that you ask the most important questions first and you can eliminate providers that don’t meet these top priorities.

Ask around and let family, friends, and coworkers know you are looking for childcare. Referrals are a great place to find good day care.

Here at, we work hard to provide you the information needed to help you find the right child care, day care center or nanny to fit your family’s needs.

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